Confirmed Speakers:
Dan Thomson
Glen Klippenstein
Frank Goedeken
Shawn Tiffany
Mike Beam
Tiffany Lashmet
Mike Samples
Lorna Marshall
Robin Cox
Brandon Depenbusch
Steven Myers
Patrick Laird
David Schemm
Derrell Peel
Ted Boersma
Terry Houser
Marc Campbell
AJ Tarpoff
Justin Miller

These are just a few of the sessions that will be held during Cattle U. Check back as more topics are confirmed.

Riding for the Brand: One Beef Industry.

If you’ve never heard Dr. Dan Thomson, host of RFDTV’s Doc Talk discuss the potential of today’s beef industry, you’re missing out. Dan will inspire cattlemen to want to achieve more with their own cattle operation, as well as for the entire industry. 


—Sponsored by American AgCredit

Protecting Your Industry.

Cattlemen work hard every day to improve their product for consumers, and yet it seems special interest groups want to control agriculture. Glen Klippenstein, Missouri cattleman and past president of Protect the Harvest, will share what producers can do to keep their industry alive and protect their way of life.

Bringing Top Dollar.

A panel of salebarn owners and video auction representatives will share what cattlemen can do to top the market consistently.


—Sponsored by Double D Mats

Who Needs Traceability? 

Cattle producers have struggled managing the needs of a disease traceability system with concerns about privacy and cost. Today, beef industry stakeholders recognize the need for a viable end-to-end disease traceability system that provides critical tools to manage a disease outbreak. Brandon Depenbusch, Ph.D., vice president of cattle operations at ILS, Inc., will talk about how you can play a part growing this system with your own herd. 

Taking the Mystery Out of the Cattle Buying Process.  

A cattle buyer and other market experts will help producers understand what they are looking for as they canvass the Plains looking for cattle that fit their needs.

Cow Nutrition and Fetal Programming.

Can a calf’s performance be programmed before it’s ever born? The nutrition of a mama cow can have an effect on how that calf grows during pregnancy, but it can also make a difference once the calf is born. Whether you are a cow-calf producer, stocker or feeder, you’ll want to understand how fetal programming has long term effects on cattle, shared by Steven Myers, Ph.D., Technical Specialist with Purina.

Forage Knowledge Powers Performance.

The more you know, the more you can make wise decisions, according to Robin Cox. In the culture of sustainable ag and the need for ever increasing efficiency, new information needs to be incorporated with the old tried and true. Do pasture forages meet the mineral nutrient requirements your cattle? Properly monitoring forage is key, as well as estimating the quality and quantity of your native pasture and differences in grazing behavior by class of livestock and topography of the land.

Going from a Primal to a Porterhouse. 

A live cutting demonstration shows firsthand how primal meat cuts go from the chuck, the rib or the round into cuts ready for the consumer. Understanding the value of each of them means producers can make the best management decisions.

Beef Quality Assurance Matters.

At each step along the beef value chain, cattlemen use best management practices to assure food safety and quality, as well as best animal husbandry practices. Dr. Dan Thomson will teach the BQA sessions for Cattle U attendees. After attending these sessions, cattlemen will come away with a BQA certification.

—Sessions sponsored by Merck Animal Health and Central States Testing

Wading Through the Confusion of EPDs and Genomics.

We will help you better understand how to successfully implement these tools into your program. Lorna Marshall is an Angus breeder and vice president of beef genetics for Select Sires.

Body Score and Breeding Back.

Cows in the right condition breed back quicker and at a high percentage.  Steven Myers, Ph.D., Technical Specialist with Purina, will help producers learn what optimal condition looks like and how to get their cows where they need to be to boost conception rates.

Not All Backgrounding is Created Equal.  

Lots of cattle are backgrounded, but the term means different things to different people. Frank Goedeken, cattle nutritionist with Integrated Beef Consultants, will talk about what programs make the most sense and what makes the seller and the buyer the most money.


—Sponsored by Kinsley Feeders

Beef Industry Trends.

Get ahead of the curve with this session to bring more dollars to your bottom line. Moderated by Lorna Marshall, vice president of beef genetics for Select Sires, a panel of leading purebred genetic producers will share their vision of the beef industry in the future.


—Sponsored by ABS

Better Haymaking.

When margins are thin and you need to optimize your inputs, it’s crucial to take a look at improving your hay and forage production to boost your bottom line. Curt Hoffman and Jordan Milewski from New Holland will share results of recent academic studies and equipment best practices to help produce higher quality hay and a greater ROI for your herd.  

Controlling TicksFlies and Lice in Your Cattle Operation

Who doesn’t fight flies, ticks and lice at some point around your cattle operation? These pesky pests put a drain on cattle comfort and profits. Attendees will learn from Dr. AJ Tarpoff how to control external parasites in different situations and at different times of year. 


—Sponsored by Bayer Animal Health

Preparing Calves for a Successful Journey.

Calf health is key in preparing an animal for a successful journey, whether it is a heifer that will make a mama cow for years to come or a steer that needs to grow well in the feedyard. Learn from Dr. Brad White the best animal health plan for your calves to set them on the right path. 

Protecting Your Investment.

Hear from Patrick Laird of the Risk Management Agency and David Schemm from the Farm Service Agency about insurance tools and programs tailored for cattlemen. These include the new Dual Purpose Grain/Graze Insurance Coverage from RMA and assistance programs for livestock producers following fires or other disasters. Learn about how these programs can help you protect your investments in cattle and land before Mother Nature throws you a curveball.

Managing Employees Successfully.

The backbone of any business is its employees, and cattle operations are no exception—especially in today’s environment of undercover animal rights videos and ever-shrinking local labor pools. Learn from Ted Boersma owner of Forget-Me-Not Farms, a large dairy in Cimarron, Kansas, about how they find, train and retain quality employees who work towards their family’s goals of healthy cattle and wholesome products.

Don’t Let Internal Parasites Affect Performance

Internal parasites can be a silent drain on cattle performance and profits. What methods of control are the most effective and how can a long-term control strategy benefit cattle producers? Dr. Marc Campbell will answer those questions for cattlemen. 

Incorporating Cover Crops: A Cattleman’s Perspective.

Can cover crops benefit a cattleman? Shawn Tiffany is owner of Tiffany Cattle Company and feeds 60,000 head of cattle every year. Tiffany will discuss how he has incorporated grazing cover crops into their business to add value for their customers. 

Dollars and Sense of Livestock

Making sense and cents of a cattleman’s marketing plan will be the focus for Derrell Peel. Regardless of where a cattleman markets their stock, it is important to have a marketing plan. 

The Ins and Outs of Grazing Leases

Establishing fair and equitable grazing leases can sometimes be a challenge.  Tiffany Lashmet will address resources for determining average lease rates for an area, key legal concepts related to lease agreements, and important terms to include in grazing leases.


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