Trade Show

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Visit the trade show with vendors who have practical applications for producers regarding livestock.
Exclusive trade show time allows producers to interact with companies who will share new solutions on productivity.

Booth 1: FCS Manufacturing
Booth 2: Star Seed
Booth 7: Cattle Vac Box
Booth 8/9: KanEquip
Booth 10: Advance-Trading, Inc.
Booth 13: Hi Plains Feed LLC
Booth 14: Lewis Cattle Oilers
Booth 15: Kauffman Seeds
Booth 16A/B: Hydrabeds
Booth 18: MJE Livestock Equipment
Booth 19: Winter Livestock
Booth 20: High Plains Journal
Booth 21: International Stock Food Corp
Booth 22: NeoGen Geneseek
Booth 23: Crop Quest
Booth 24: Kansas Livestock Association
Booth 25: Westway Feed Products
Booth 26: Bridgeview Manufacturing
Booth 27: Tracer Minerals
Booth 29: CattleTrace Inc.
Booth 30: InsureMyForage
Booth 31: Servi-Tech
Booth 32: Livestock Nutrition Center
Booth 33: Protect the Harvest
Booth 34: Texas Vet Labs
Booth 35: Central States Testing
Booth 36: Ozark Hills Insurance
Booth 37: USDA Risk Management Agency
Booth 38: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Booth 39: American Gelbvieh Association
Booth 40: Burlington Welding, LLC
Booth 42: Bayer Animal Health
Booth 41B: C-Lock
Booth 44: Hayden Outdoors Real Estate
Booth 45B: KFS Farm Supply
Booth 46: Hitchcock Inc..
Booth 47: Swiharts, Inc.
Booth 48: Swiharts Inc.
Booth 49: Swiharts, Inc.
Booth 50: Leachman Cattle of Colorado
Booth 51: AllFlex
Booth 52: Phileo by Lesaffre
Booth 53: Blattner Livestock Equipment
Booth 54: Animat
Booth 55: Midwest Ag Professionals
Booth 56: E C Seeds
Booth 57: Historical Armory
Booth 58: Masterhand Milling
Booth 59: Joplin Regional Stockyards & Primetime Livestock
Booth 60: Plain Jans
Booth 61: Escoba Cattle Oiler
Booth 62: Werk Weld
Booth 63: Purina Animal Nutrition
Booth 64: Woodward Livestock
Booth 65: TePari Product Inc.
Booth 66: High Plains Journal

Additional Sponsors:
Double D Mats
Kinsley Feeders

General Event & Registration Questions
Tammy Cork
Special Events Assistant
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Exhibit Sales
Zac Stuckey
Sales Manager
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Exhibitor Services & Trade Show Information
Will Trowbridge
Trade Show Operations Manager
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Media Inquiries
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