Cattle U Trade Show

2020 trade show information to come.

View a sample exhibitor listing from 2019 below:

Booth 40: Burlington Welding, LLC
Booth 42: Bayer Animal Health
Booth 41B: C-Lock
Booth 44: Hayden Outdoors Real Estate
Booth 45B: KFS Farm Supply
Booth 46: Hitchcock Inc..
Booth 47: Swiharts, Inc.
Booth 48: Swiharts Inc.
Booth 49: Swiharts, Inc.
Booth 50: Leachman Cattle of Colorado
Booth 51: AllFlex
Booth 52: Phileo by Lesaffre
Booth 53: Blattner Livestock Equipment
Booth 54: Animat
Booth 55: Midwest Ag Professionals
Booth 56: E C Seeds
Booth 57: Historical Armory
Booth 58: Masterhand Milling
Booth 59: Joplin Regional Stockyards & Primetime Livestock
Booth 60: Plain Jans
Booth 61: Escoba Cattle Oiler
Booth 62: Werk Weld
Booth 63: Purina Animal Nutrition
Booth 64: Woodward Livestock
Booth 65: TePari Product Inc.
Booth 66: High Plains Journal