8:15 AM  General Session – Opening Remarks and Industry Panel

Phillip Lancaster, Clinical Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
Reiss Bruning, Owner, Bruning Farms
Lynn Langvardt, Owner and Manager/Auctioneer, J.C. & Clay Center Livestock Sales Inc.
Dr. Kendra Rock, Cross Country Genetics


10:15 AM Cowherd Management Considerations for 2024: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Headed

Jason Warner, Ph.D., Extension Cow-calf Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University

This session will focus on key management factors for cow-calf producers to consider this year to help minimize costs and optimize production in an era of production and price volatility.


11:15 AM  Farm to Family Mission & On Farm Harvest Trailer

Troy Leith and Bryan Leith, Owners, Midwest Meats
Troy and Bryan Leith, a father-son butchering duo will give a presentation on their family-owned specialty meat processing facility in Abilene, Kansas, called Midwest Meats. The newly opened business is focused on the farm-to-table movement and helping consumers source locally raised meat from small producers in the area. The Leiths will also discuss their revolutionary mobile harvesting unit that brings the slaughterhouse to the farm.


12:15 PM  Keynote Address: Addressing Antagonisms in Ag (Without Just Being an Antagonist)

Matt Perrier, Part-owner/Manager, Dalebanks Angus

Many in production agriculture will face significant decisions in the coming years. Whether it is generational transfer, expansion, alternative land use, development issues, or management shifts, these decisions usually have consequences on other areas of the farm, family, or finances. Perrier will discuss the nuanced scope of ag and rural America today, and hopefully inspire ways to add sustained profitability to your farm, ranch, and community.


2:15 PM  Supplementing for Success

Kevin Cain, DVM, Director of Technical Services, Multimin

Multimin is an injectable trace mineral (Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc) supplement that rapidly improves the trace mineral status of cattle. A strategic injection of Multimin, complements oral supplementation and provides trace minerals systemically to cattle during periods of high demand, stress, and enhances vaccine response. Strategic supplementation can lead to better health and increased profitability in your operation.


3:15 PM  Key Factors to Consider When Thinking About the Opportunity for Record Cattle Prices

Scott Brown, Livestock Economist – University of Missouri

Given tight cattle supplies, there is much optimism about the possibility for much higher cattle prices. This session will provide the key factors to watch over the next two years that will determine how high cattle prices will go. Cattle price volatility will be discussed as cattle supplies tighten.