The mission of Cattle U is to create an experience for the High Plains cattlemen that offers real and practical ideas to support their hunger to learn. Cattle U will arm producers with tools to adapt their cattle program to meet demands of industry progression as well as provide a team environment ideal for networking and idea sharing.

Event Purpose

Your time and resources are valuable, so it is imperative that the purpose of Cattle U is not only relatable but includes real application for High Plains cattlemen. HPJ recognizes how challenging your profession can be and desires to offer a High Plains cattlemen experience that creates opportunity to feed your hunger for new ideas and capture proven, yet practical tools from a collective team in the industry. Our goal is to help you influence realistic profitability and realistic long-term productivity.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but as diverse as High Plains ranches and cattle operations are, there is something at Cattle U for everyone. This event will deliver timely, useful, and adaptable education
along with establish an ideal environment for networking with thoughtful leaders and peers. All attendees should walk away with practical concepts to share or implement on their operation along with gather
supportive connections throughout the High Plains region.

HPJ is excited to be a part of your journey and commitment to help make your ranch more dynamic and together prosper for many generations.

Featured Education Topics


Ranch Profitability | Conservation Improvements | Pasture & Land Management
Feed & Nutrition | Labor Management | Animal Handling | Marketing Programs
Consumer Marketing | Blockchain Technology | Genomics | Animal Health | Dairy

Who Should Attend

Cattle U is a one-day event full of educational opportunities for High Plains cattlemen and women. Sessions tailored to cow-calf producers will offer networking opportunities and practical information.