Jason Warner, Ph.D.

Extension Cow-Calf Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University


Dr. Jason M. Warner is a faculty member in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University as an assistant professor and Extension cow-calf specialist. His objective is to help support the mission of the land grant system by serving people through Extension and research as part of the K-State beef Extension team. Warner’s specific focus is to help provide leadership for state Extension beef programming efforts, disseminate information to the industry, collaborate with allied industry personnel and stakeholders, conduct applied cow-calf systems research, and serve as a point of resource for area specialists and county Extension agents.

Matt Perrier

Part-Owner/Manager, Dalebanks Angus


Matt Perrier is part-owner and manager of Dalebanks Angus. He and his wife, Amy, have five children and reside near Eureka, KS. Matt graduated from Kansas State University in 1996 and worked for eight years in various marketing and PR positions within the beef community, including the American Angus Association from 1997 till 2004. They returned to Eureka in 2004. Dalebanks was settled by Matt’s ancestors in 1867, and they have raised registered Angus since 1904. They market roughly 200 bulls annually, plus raise corn, wheat, soybeans and cover-crops for livestock feed and grazing. Matt also produces a weekly podcast, Practically Ranching. Matt is a past-president of the Beef Improvement Federation and Kansas Livestock Association. Amy works part-time as a Physical Therapist and is a beef advocate, in addition to her ranch and family duties.

Troy and Bryan Leith

Troy Lieth and Bryan Leith, Owners, Midwest Meats


Midwest Meats is a family-owned and operated, custom meat processing and craft butcher shop, located in Abilene, Kansas. They specialize in custom-processing beef, bison, hog, lamb, goat and elk.

Kevin Cain, DVM

Director of Technical Services, Multimin


Kevin Cain, DVM grew up in Miller, SD, where he was heavily involved with his family’s cow/calf and grain farm. This influenced Dr. Cain to develop a great passion and dedication for beef cattle production. After graduating in 2006, from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Kevin returned to Miller, SD where he purchased a mixed animal practice that he owned and operated for 13 years. While in practice, his primary focus was cow/calf, feedlot, and background cattle production. Kevin loves working with cattle producers in reproduction and artificial insemination. In 2017, Kevin sold his practice to expand his opportunities and pursue a career in the industry. In December of 2018, Kevin joined Multimin as the Director of Technical Services. Kevin now resides in Manhattan, KS.

Scott Brown

Livestock Economist – University of Missouri


Scott is an associate extension professor at the University of Missouri’s Division of Applied Social Sciences and interim Rural and Farm Finance Policy Analysis Center director. Over the past three decades, he has worked extensively on agricultural policy for U.S. Congress and the Missouri Legislature. You can hear his livestock-focused market outlook weekly on Brownfield Ag News’ weekly livestock update, and he writes monthly columns for the Missouri Ruralist and Hoard’s Dairymen. Scott received his Ph.D. in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri and grew up on a diversified farm in Northwest Missouri.

Phillip Lancaster

Clinical Assistant Professor, Kansas State University 


Phillip Lancaster was born and raised on a family livestock and crop farm in west central Illinois. He earned his bachelor’s in agricultural science from Western Illinois University in 1999. After graduation, he worked as assistant manager of a 2,400-head capacity feedlot in Illinois before returning for his master’s in animal science from the University of Missouri, and his doctorate Texas A&M University. His research efforts focus on developing strategies to enhance sustainability of beef production through identification of improved management practices.

Lynn Langvardt

Owner and Manager/Auctioneer, J.C. and Clay Center Livestock Sales Inc.


Lynn Langvardt grew up in the cattle livestock marketing business and is a third-generation market owner and manager and a second-generation auctioneer. His family owns and operates J.C. and Clay Center Livestock Sales Inc. in Junction City and Clay, Kansas. He also auctioneers a third market in Pratt, Kansas, and owns a cow-calf operation just northwest of the Flint Hills.

Reiss Bruning

Owner, Bruning Farms


Reiss Bruning is part-owner and manager of Bruning Farms, a fifth-generation cattle operation in south-central Nebraska. A complete conception-to-carcass operation, Bruning Farms raises both registered Angus and commercial cattle, calving both in the spring and fall. Bruning and his wife, Heather, host an annual production sale in February where they market their genetics to positively impact their customer’s operations and the end product—desirable beef of the highest quality. In addition to cattle, Bruning Farms raises alfalfa hay and has a deep passion for grassland conservation having reseeded over 1,000 acres of poor farm ground back to native grasses and pivot irrigated cool season varieties.


Kendra Rock, DVM, DACT

IVF Program Coordinator and Veterinarian, Cross Country Genetics North, Inc.

Dr. Kendra Rock, DVM, developed and is the head of the in vitro fertilization program at Cross Country Genetics North, Inc. in Westmoreland, Kansas. Rock works in tandem with three other veterinarians, including her husband, Dr. Clay Breiner, DVM, coordinating and executing IVF and embryo transfer services for bovine clients in the Midwest.